Renting – Finding Your New Home

Inspecting the property

Generally, it is preferable for you to view your ideal property before submitting an application form. This ensures that the property is suitable for your requirements and in a condition that you are happy with. We offer an online booking system for inspections, allowing you to choose your preferred time/date for an inspection.  We also offer personal appointments for property viewings, as well as open for inspection times. If you are unable to view your ideal property personally, we recommend that a trusted friend or relative do so on your behalf if possible. Alternatively we can arrange for detailed images or video of the property to be provided to you, to assist if you are moving from interstate or overseas.

The application process

If you wish to apply for a property with Precise Property Management, you can do this by email or online – click here for our application options. To help you complete the rental application we offer the following important tips:

Please ensure that you fill in each section of the application form thoroughly. If a section does not apply to you, please tell us why.
If you are supported by Austudy, Centrelink or similar, please provide a statement that confirms your income details. If your rental payments are to be made by others, attach a letter from this person to confirm this. If you own your own property and have not recently rented, if ever, please provide us

with a council rate notice or a copy of the title for your home. Alternatively if you are selling or have sold your property, please provide us with the details of the selling agent. If you are living in your own home and intend to make this an investment property, please provide us with the details of the managing agent. Any additional documentation relating to your application can be emailed to us.

We will always contact you to confirm that we have received your application and to request any further information if necessary. It is helpful to ensure that your nominated referees are aware that we may be contacting them to obtain a reference for you. Provided that your nominated references can be contacted promptly, you will be advised of the rental providers’ response within two business days of our office receiving your application.

Once your application is approved, a letter of confirmation will be provided to you by email, outlining the details of your tenancy and payments required. 

Renting with pets

Australians are a nation of pet-lovers, with approximately 63% of households owning a pet. When you are renting, it is important to be honest and transparent if you wish to have a pet. All renters have duties when keeping a pet, specifically related to damage, cleanliness and nuisance, regardless of when they started keeping a pet.

If you are intending to rent with a pet, we recommend you provide a “pet resume” with your application, outlining details of your pet, including training, vaccination and desexing certificates.  All these documents show that you are a responsible pet owner. In addition, if you have rented with pets, ask your previous or existing rental provider for a reference specifically for your animals.

If you are already in a rented property written consent, using the pet request form from Consumer Affairs is required to be sought to bring a new pets into the property.  A rental provider may seek an order from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to refuse a pet request.

Payment of rent and bond

When signing the rental agreement, you will need to pay an amount equal to one months’ rental for your new home. This is usually done within 24 – 48 hours of your tenancy application being approved by the owner of the property.

The bond is payable upon commencement of the tenancy or earlier if you prefer. In accordance with legislation, this bond will be held with the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority for the duration of your tenancy.

Moving in

We can assist you with connecting your utilities with your chosen retailer. We can also provide you with recommended removalists to help you with your move.

It is important to arrange for your utilities, such as gas, electricity, telephone and internet services, to be connected in your name for your new home and disconnected in your existing residence. We recommend that you arrange this at least 4-5 days prior to your moving date.

There are many choices when it comes to the provision of these utilities. Our partner association Move Me In can assist you with comparing and arranging all utility connections to ensure everything is connected on time.

Remember, if you wish to have pay television or additional services connected to the property that may not already exist, you need to seek permission from the owner. Please make your request in writing to our office and we will assist you with this.

On the day your rental agreement commences, we will arrange a personal appointment to provide you with the keys and a detailed condition report for the property. We even provide you with a welcoming gift!