Property Owners & Investors – Leasing Services

Precise Property Management lease properties in most areas of metropolitan Melbourne, with a particular focus in the eastern and northern Suburbs, including:

Eltham, Diamond Creek, Montmorency, Lower Plenty, Greensborough, Ivanhoe, Eaglemont, Watsonia, Macleod, Heidelberg, Preston, Fairfield, Thornbury, Alphington, Northcote, Brunswick, Kew, Hawthorn and Camberwell.

Our pro-active marketing ensures that your asset is promoted to the widest range of prospective renters, with internet promotion, print media and personal contact with a database of prospective renters and executive relocation agencies. We use social media to actively promote our properties and keep our followers updated on our latest news. 

We conduct personal inspections of your property – we do not give out keys to prospective renters under any circumstances. Our leasing service is personalised to ensure that prospective renters are escorted through your property at a mutually convenient time, giving us the opportunity to explain the features and benefits of the property and obtain feedback from our customers. We also ensure that we conduct all inspections in a covid safe manner, for the protection of our clients and staff.

We use Inspect Real Estate, a dedicated online booking service, to provide flexibility and convenience to prospective renters. We also conduct “open house” inspections where appropriate, ensuring that photographic identification is provided by all prospective renters before access is permitted.  These flexible, yet personal, inspection arrangements allow us to secure the best possible renter for your property in the shortest possible time frame.  

In most cases, we are aware of the availability of the property 4-5 weeks prior to the property becoming vacant. Depending on the time of year and market conditions this period of time is usually more than adequate to locate the most suitable renter. However some properties may be unique or above average in price and may therefore require exposure and promotion beyond this time. 

A bond, also known as a security deposit, is payable by the tenant prior to commencement of the tenancy. The amount of the bond is usually equal to one months’ rental, however where the rent for the property exceeds an amount determined by the Residential Tenancies Act, a higher amount can and will be requested with your consent. A detailed electronic condition report is prepared just prior to the commencement of the tenancy as part of this process, together with digital images to ensure that all aspects of the condition of your property are documented at the commencement of the tenancy. 

The Residential Tenancies Act allows renters to keep pets on the premises after gaining the approval of the residential rental provider, using the pet request form provided by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Owners will be required to obtain specific permission from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal if they wish to exclude a pet from the rented premises.

Statistics show that Australians are a nation of pet-lovers, with approximately 63% of households owning a pet. There are advantages in making your investment property pet friendly, including the likelihood of longer tenancy periods, a wider pool of renters from which to choose and possibly even higher rent in some cases.