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Innovation and attention to detail are the keys to our pro-active management – we are committed to providing precise management services with the latest in technology, property management software, systems and strategies whilst retaining the personal approach for which we have become renowned. You will receive timely, relevant and accurate information regarding your asset during every stage of the management cycle.

You will be delighted with our service – we guarantee it. Our service charter and guarantee will provide you with complete peace of mind. We take our commitment to you and the management of your asset very seriously and offer a money back guarantee of quality service.

Our inspections
Your property will be inspected twice annually and you will receive a comprehensive written report with digital images for each inspection. We understand that these regular inspections are a vital part of our service for both our landlord and tenants and unlike many other real estate agencies, we do not outsource this important task. You will also be offered the opportunity to accompany us to each and every inspection, at a time to suit you.

Repairs and maintenance
You will be advised of all issues relating to maintenance and care of your asset – we do not approve any non-urgent repairs without your specific approval. In the case of urgent repairs, we will act strictly in accordance with your written instructions and the relevant legislation if you are unavailable or out of reach. We use trades people who are licensed, insured and competitively priced to minimize expenses and ensure quality workmanship.

Property expenses
We can assist with payment of other property expenses, such as council and water rates, owners corporation fees, cyclical maintenance services, gardening and swimming pool maintenance expenses. These expenses can be deducted from rental funds with your approval.

Rental and lease reviews
Rental reviews are conducted regularly, to ensure that your asset is achieving the best possible return. We consider all relevant information during this process, such as the Consumer Price Index, economic and market conditions and the quality of your existing tenant.

A review of the lease agreement for your property will take place approximately 90 days prior to the expiry date. We believe it is important to have a fixed term lease in place where possible, to ensure security of tenure for both yourselves as landlords and your tenants. In some instances, landlord insurance cover may be compromised if a tenancy reverts from a fixed term to a periodic (month by month) tenancy, however this varies from policy to policy.

In most cases, retaining your existing tenants will be beneficial in maximising your annual rental return and minimising fees relating to finding new tenants for your property. We consider a range of factors when making a recommendation for a new lease and a revised rental, including the current rental market, vacancy rates, the quality of your current tenant and the current condition of your property.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I receive the rent?

Your rental income will be diligently collected and administered according to your specific instructions. Your funds will be in your nominated account within seven days of the rental due date. On the rare occasion that rental payments have not been received, you will be kept fully informed during administration of our strict arrears policy.

Most tenants pay rent each calendar month in advance, unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance. We have several convenient payment options available to tenants, including B-pay, direct debit, internet transfer and credit card payments. Your funds are disbursed electronically into your nominated account, to ensure that you receive your rental monies promptly. A statement of disbursement is provided by email and/or post for your convenience. We have a zero tolerance policy to rental arrears. If rent is more than one day late, our system allows us to immediately address this with your tenants and keep you informed of the situation every step of the way.

What are my obligations regarding smoke alarm maintenance?

By law, every property must have smoke alarms fitted in accordance with the Building Regulations.

Precise Property Management offer a smoke alarm maintenance program to our valued clients. This program ensures both your investment and your tenants are appropriately protected in the catastrophic event of fire at your investment property. As part of the smoke alarm maintenance program, our licensed and insured contractors will ensure alarms are appropriately located, replace batteries where required, clean and test alarms and replace expired/faulty alarms.

It is recommended that you participate in this service to assist with your landlord insurances and duty of care.

What are my obligations regarding servicing of gas appliances?

It is a recommendation of Energy Safe Victoria and the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) that all gas water heaters, space heaters and central heaters be serviced at least every two years by a registered or licensed gasfitter to ensure they are working properly and to keep your tenants and your property safe. The gasfitter who services your appliance must use a CO analyser to test for carbon monoxide spillage. Gas appliances need regular servicing as burners in water heaters or space heaters can become blocked with dust or lint and then soot up the heat exchanger and flue passageways, air filters, air ways and fans can become blocked by lint and dust, leading to overheating and burner problems and safety controls can wear out and fail.

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